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• Stonesoups •
950 Ft
1,250 Ft
1,050 Ft
• Appetizers and Salads •
1,450 Ft
2,050 Ft
• Main Courses •
2,850 Ft
2,450 Ft
2,450 Ft
3,550 Ft
3,350 Ft
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3,650 Ft
• Desserts •
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980 Ft
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Külön ajánlat

    Wines, Sparkling Wines
  • Jackfall Tótágas – Our wine from VillányinfoThe Jolly Joker of the Jackfall Winery. A Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc blend with a little Merlot. For this price a fabulous value. Jammy cherry notes, nice complexity with a medium body and a playful structure. 450 Ft
    Kaiken Reserva Malbec 2017/dlinfoThe Kaikens are the wild geese of the Andes, which cross the mountains between Chile and Argentina through Patagonia. Kaiken is the sibling winery of Montes, from the other side of the mountains. Ripe, sweet plum, strawberry tree, elegant tannins, long palate. Mendoza’s clay at 970 metres above sea level, hand harvested, aged in French barrels and tanks. 630 Ft
    Etyeki Kúria Merlot 2016 /dl Sopron 690 Ft
  • Etyeki Kúria Zweigelt 2017 /dl 690 Ft
    Ikon Áfium (2015) Rádpuszta 690 Ft
    St Andrea Pinot Noir 2017/dlinfoIt starts out with pronounced sour cherry-redcurrant on the nose followed by intensifying aromas of fallen leaves, pine wax, plus a touch of caraway, rose and smoke. The delicate spiciness that often characterises the variety appears throughout. It is spontaneously fermented in open vats, then after 19 months of ageing in medium and large barrels, it was bottled in 2015. 720 Ft
    Jackfall Cabernet Franc 2015/dlinfo„Cabernet Franc is used in blending to give Bordeaux and California Cabernet Sauvignon a bit more structure and spice.” On its own it’s a big, muscular wine with a dense, lively, fruity flavour with some smoke and vanilla notes in the background. Nice, smooth tannins, remarkably good value for this price. 760 Ft
  • Jackfall Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 /dl Villány 760 Ft
    Weninger Kékfrankos 2016 /dl Sopron 780 Ft
    Németh János Deviant Syrah 2017 /dl Szekszárd 780 Ft
    St Andrea „Áldás” Egri Bikavér • 2016/dlinfoA Kékfrankos-led Bikavér made from the blending of eight grape varieties. Ripe sour cherry, cherry, subtle smoke and bay leaf. The fruity character also dominates the palate, alongside the elegant barrel and earthy/mushroom terroir notes. A flavoursome, juicy wine with medium body, nice details and long ageing potential. 780 Ft
  • Painted Wolf The Den Pinotage 2017/dl South-Africa 780 Ft
    Pannonhalmi Hemina • 2017 / dlinfo75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc, subtle tannins and a firm backbone. It was aged briefly, for 8 months, in Hungarian oak barrels that had already been used several times. A fruity, layered and rich wine. Blackberry on the nose and palate, medium-plus body, subtle structure. 780 Ft
    Perrin Réserve Cotes Du Rhone • 2016/dl 890 Ft
    Prunotto Momportone • 2015/dl 1,050 Ft
  • Jackfall Rózsabimbó Rozé 2017 /dlinfoBeautifully clear taste and nose are peculiar to this rosé. Fresh, and fruity notes with raspberry and cherry. In the last three years won the Gold at the Villany Wine Competition. 450 Ft
    Figula Bella Róza 2017 /dl 890 Ft
    Gilvesy Bohém 2017 / dl 450 Ft
    Kreinbacher Hárslevelű • 2016 / dlinfoPale golden colour, restrained mineral nose, subtle basalt, flowers and honey. Full, rich, flavoursome palate, reductive fermentation and almost a year of ageing in steel tank. Long, round palate with honey. , 630 Ft
  • Konyári Loliense • 2017 /dl Balatonlelle 630 Ft
    Villa Tolnay Pinot Gris 2017 /dl Badacsony 680 Ft
    Bardon Meszes Furmint • 2017 / dlinfoPure lavender, lively fruitiness, peach and rhubarb.T he balance of refreshing acidity and 9 grams of residual sugar. A tank made white, blended from two harvests. 680 Ft
    Káli Kövek Rezeda Olaszrizling 2017 /dl Köveskál 680 Ft
  • Jackfall Chardonnay 2015/2016/2017 /dlinfoThe first premium Chardonnay of Jackfall. Shiny, oily appearance, nicely displays bright varietal characters in nose. This is an interesting compromise of styles, having the buttery qualities of barrel fermented Chardonnay, and some of the lighter fruit and crispy acid structure of a stainless steel fermented Chardonnay. What dominates is elegance, so just the kind of wine that with the perfect match to food grows to higher realms. 790 Ft
    St.Andrea Boldogságos 2017/ dl Eger 820 Ft
    Pannonhalmi Hemina • 2017/dlinfoThe white ‘estate wine’ of the Pannonhalma Abbey is a blend of vineyards, varieties and barrels from the hot 2015 vintage. Due to the vintage, it turned out rich, with many layers of aromas and flavours, and is thick, creamy, with rounded body and a long finish. As it reads in the Decree of Saint Benedict: “Keeping in view the needs of the weak, we believe that a ‘hemina’ of wine a day should suffice for everyone.” 820 Ft
    Légli Gesztenyés- Riesling • 2017/dl Balatonboglár 890 Ft
  • Gizella Furmint • 2017/ dl Tokaj 890 Ft
    Gilvesy Mogyorós Sauvignon Blanc • 2017/dl Szent György-hegy 920 Ft
    Matua Sauvignon Blanc • 2017/dl New-Zealand 990 Ft
    Gizella Barát Hárslevelű 2017/ dl Tokaj 990 Ft
  • Oremus Késői Szüret /dl • 2015 1,450 Ft
    Zardetto Col Fondó Rizolo– /dl Veneto Italy 540 Ft
    Légli Brut Méthode Traditionnelle /bottle 6,900 Ft
    Kreinbacher Extra Dry /bottle 6,950 Ft
  • Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve 18,900 Ft